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Top 15 Customers of All Time
Customer NameLevel
Tyler T, The Ultimate60
Josh B, The Ultimate60
Rudy L, The Almighty56
Justin C, The Worshipped51
Marcus S, The Worshipped45
Travis C, The Revered43
Steven K, The Revered41
Earl W, The Revered39
Ryan Q, The Revered39
Tristin D, The Revered38
Ethan I, The Revered37
Scott G, The Exalted33
Eric P, The Exalted32
Dusty M, The Exalted30
David D, The Exalted30
         Top 15 Customers of Last Week (7/18/17 - 7/22/17)
Customer NameLevel
Colin p, The Worthy4
Aaron E, The Exalted27
Paul M, The Loyal8
Tyler R, The Honored11
Jake M, The Heroic19
Wilson P, The Friend1
Griffin D, The Loyal7
Haley &, The Heroic24
Andy B, The Exalted28
Alex R, The Worthy3
Sam K, The Honored9
Nate B, The Untitled0
Andrew M, The Worthy3
Elizabeth R, The Heroic22
Trevor R, The Loyal8

New TitleLevel
The Untitled0
The Friend1
The Worthy3
The Loyal5
The Honored9
The Legendary13
The Heroic17
The Exalted25
The Revered35
The Worshipped45
The Almighty55
The Ultimate60
The Unobtainable61