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Who We Are
Dice to Mice is the spot for everything games in the Black Hills. Founded and run by local gamers, we offer a wide variety of games and game accessories. From family fun dice games to the latest action video games Dice to Mice has something for everyone.

More than a store, Dice to Mice is a game hub. Want a place to host your weekly D&D campaign? Looking to spend a few hours with some friends pwning noobs in Black Ops? Dice to Mice can help you. With a 42inch flatscreen hooked up to a wide variety of game systems and several large tables which each comfortably seat 6, Dice to Mice has your game day needs met.

Where We Are
Dice to Mice is located in the heart of downtown Spearfish at 605 Main Street. You can reach us at:
Phone: 605-722-DICE (3423)
E-mail: store@dicetomice.com

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